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The YouTube Go news also coincided with YouTube parent company Alphabet's fourth quarter and full year earnings report.

YouTube Go first launched previous year in beta in India and the company expanded availability to 14 more countries including Indonesia, Nigeria and Thailand.

Last December, YouTube TV expanded its availability in the U.S. to over 80 cities, offering over 40 channels in their $35 dollar base plan as well as premium add-on channels like Fox Soccer Plus and Showtime. That's about to change, as Google announced today that YouTube Go will now be available in more than 130 countries around the world. The sharing capabilities have been improved, as well - Google says it's made it easier to access the "Share Nearby" feature, which lets you send videos to YouTube users via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct.

YouTube TV, the company's live TV service, is getting its first major test as it heads to Roku and Apple TV platforms.

You can download the official app here!

But now, YouTube is opening itself up to millions more potential viewers with its debut on Apple TV and some Roku devices.

The next time you watch a video from Russia's RT on YouTube, you might encounter a disclaimer of sorts: YouTube is beginning to add special funding notices to videos and live streams from news publishers that are government- or publicly funded.

Google just took another step towards making its OTT TV service available on every streaming device. Likewise, you experience choppy playback on your Roku device, you are recommended to turn off HDR on your Display type settings on Roku by going to Settings Display type and then choosing 4k 30Hz TV, 4k 60Hz TV, or 4K HDR 60Hz option from the list.

The online TV service can also be downloaded for Chromecast, Android TV, Xbox One and newer Samsung and LG TVs. Some of the perks the service provides include unlimited DVR storage space to record all your favorite content to watch them later, watch all subscribed content out of United States when you are travelling and it also includes exclusive content from Youtube Red.