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On the same day that a storage tank malfunction may have damaged frozen eggs and embryos at an OH hospital, a similar issue happened at a fertility clinic in San Francisco. Women freeze eggs in order to postpone pregnancy until a later date or to have a supply for in vitro fertilization attempts.

"Keep in mind that these families have entrusted their most valuable property in the entire world - their frozen embryos - to these facilities and clinics", Peiffer Rosca Wolf attorney Adam Wolf said in a news release issued Monday.

More families are suing University Hospitals after eggs and embryos they had stored at the University Hospitals Fertility Clinic were jeopardized. "Anger is a big part of the phone call", Herbert said of his discussions with patients. Early Sunday, the clinic also sent out emails explaining what had happened to two other groups: Roughly 100 who had tissue in both the problematic tank and another tank.

The eggs and embryos have been moved to a different cryotank in the meantime, but their viability remains questionable. The Ashes said they stored two embryos at a University Hospitals fertility clinic in suburban Cleveland after Elliott's cancer diagnosis in 2003. "The medical community calls it tissue".

The clinic is sending letters to about 500 patients "that may have been involved in this tank", Herbert said.

A spokesperson with the clinic told the post that an estimated 15 percent of the clinic's total number of eggs and embryos were in the damaged tank.

The level of liquid nitrogen in a cryo-storage tank used to preserve eggs and embryos dropped, raising the temperature in the tank and putting the eggs and embryos at risk.

That embryologist, Herbert said, "immediately rectified" the problem by refilling the tank. Many patients demanding answers and a lot of them still think how this could happen.

According to the clinic's website, its fees for egg freezing are $8,345 for the initial cycle and $6,995 for each subsequent round.

"They turned on the TV and saw it themselves and thought 'We have just lost our family's most valuable treasure, '" DiCello said.

"This was a bad incident", Pacific Fertility Center President Carl Herbert, MD, told The Post.

The Pennsylvania couple was beginning to set up a time last week for transferring a frozen embryo to the woman's womb when they later were told something went wrong, attorneys said.

Hospital officials said in a statement on Thursday that they were investigating the incident and that it remained unknown whether the cause there was a human error or mechanical failure.