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To activate the feature, all you have to do is head to Google Maps (on mobile or desktop) and input directions for public transport like you normally would. The search giant recently has introduced a wheelchair-friendly navigation feature on its maps application that will provide optimal transit routes to make transit more accessible to almost everyone.

The new option which is available in six cities like London and NY, targets to make travel easier for people who need an accessible route on public transportation.

As stated though, the feature is only available in here in Sydney - officially - at the moment, however it looks like it might be live in other major capital cities when giving try as per below.

Google Maps and Airbnb both announced new services this week that aim to make life easier for people with mobility challenges.

"When you select this option, Google Maps will show you a list of possible routes that take mobility needs into consideration", Akasaka said.

Google explained in a blog post that much of the data was gathered as part of its Local Guides program.

Last year, Local Guides from all over the world came together at 200 global meet-ups to answer accessibility questions for more than 12m locations, like whether a place has an accessible bathroom or a step-free entrance. The company is also recapturing images of the world's major transportation hubs to provide users with an idea of the layout ahead of time.

A new update to the popular Google Maps application allows users to select a "wheelchair accessible" transit route, highlighting, for example, public transit stations that are not wheelchair-friendly or have out-of-service elevators, TechCrunch reports.