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In July 2015, just weeks after declaring his candidacy, Trump traveled to Laredo, Texas, accompanied by a presidential-sized motorcade that included two coach buses packed with reporters. In preparation, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) has been hyping the wall with YouTube videos. "I don't think that the wall is going to stop people crossing the border". Organizers said they are gathering to express "Southern California's opposition to the attacks on civil liberties launched by the Trump Administration". "And if you don't have safety, meaning if you don't have this kind of (border) wall, drugs are pouring through in California".

California gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, discusses the state's housing problems at a conference on March 8, 2018, in Sacramento.

"After you've examined your wall prototypes on the border", he added, "I invite you to head north to the Central Valley - the heart of California".

Protests are also planned across the border in Tijuana, Mexico, as Trump examines the 30-foot-tall (9-meter-tall) prototypes created to fulfill his signature campaign promise.

José Gonzalez, 21, stopped to snap a photo of the protesters holding signs, including one that read: "Wall off Putin!" in reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has a seemingly close relationship with Trump.

Trump said the laws were the best friend of the criminal.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of the California Republican Party in the aftermath of Trump's visit (in SoCal as Trump's administration is in chaos) since he is taking money out of California for his own future political campaign-while the state GOP is in a fight for their very existence and relevancy.

The visit isn't Trump's first visit to the border.

Border wall prototypes set up near San Diego. I said maybe we'll need a new force.

Sessions said the laws, which restrict how local law enforcement can cooperate with federal immigration officials, are unconstitutional and undermine national security. "No wall!" near the San Ysidro crossing, where tens of thousands of people enter the US daily from Tijuana, Mexico, many on their way to work or school in San Diego.

Pool reports are quoting aides saying they knew of no visits with elected officials while in California - a rarity when POTUS visits a state. But Trump is scheduled to attend a GOP fundraiser in Beverly Hills later in the day. His campaign promise that Mexico would pay for the wall has been a nonstarter in that country. Democratic Governor Jerry Brown has denounced the president, claiming the Trump administration is "full of liars" and that the DOJ's lawsuit is akin to an "act of war".

He has been a vocal critic of the border wall, describing it as counterproductive to the state's economic growth.

"While California may not have - he may not have won that state, there is certainly a lot of support for this president, not just there but across the country, " she said.