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A fatal accident involving a driver-less auto has sidelined Uber vehicles here in Pittsburgh and across the nation, and now Mayor Bill Peduto is weighing in on when they might be back on the local roads.

Uber's self-driving permit in California goes until March 31 - and the company said it will let the permit expire.

On March 21, police in Tempe released a 22-second video showing a woman walking from a darkened area onto a street just before an Uber SUV strikes her. "Any application for a new permit will need to address any follow-up analysis or investigations from the recent crash in Arizona and may also require a meeting with the department", Soublet wrote.

The company temporarily suspended its self-driving operations in a number of test cities following the incident, and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey - who had initially welcomed Uber to the state with "open arms and wide open roads" - ordered an indefinite suspension of Uber's public road testing of driverless cars in the state of Arizona.

Uber spokeswoman Sarah Abboud sent Ars a brief statement in which the company said it "proactively suspended" its "self-driving operations".

By earlier this month when the deadly accident happened, half of Uber's 200 self-driving cars were in Arizona.

After the DMV said it would revoke the cars' registrations, Uber pulled them out of the state to shift those tests to Arizona.

Elaine Herzberg's untimely death has provoked government officials to review their stance on autonomous cars and the laws surrounding them, nearly as if the regulations which have been in the works in recent months is now the important topic that had been ignored for years. A Volvo spokesman said the carmaker will not speculate on the cause of the incident and is awaiting a full investigation report from the National Transportation Safety Board and that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Autonomous vehicles operated by rivals Waymo, Alphabet's self-driving vehicle unit, have six lidar sensors, while General Motors' vehicle contains five, according to information from the companies.

In addition to the introduction of a next-generation intelligent traffic system called C-ITS, technological tools marked for creation include a high-precision road map, and an artificial environment allowing for self-driving testing in simulated harsh weather conditions and during nighttime at the autonomous auto testing complex K-city.

Scarpinato said Monday that Ducey considers self-driving vehicles a way to improve public safety and limit road fatalities.

According to the emails, Uber offered Ducey's staff workspace in San Francisco and promised the governor to bring money and jobs to Arizona.