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So don't feel you have to get a Fire Kids Tablet, though if you're an iFamily, be aware that FreeTime Unlimited is not compatible with iOS devices.

Starting with the Echo Dot Kids Edition, the puck-shaped smart speaker appears to be the same as the regular version, except the version for children is offered in bright colors, including Blue, Green, and Punch Red.

There's a free version of FreeTime for Alexa, or families can buy an unlimited plan starting at $3 per month for Prime members which includes extra services like Audible.

In addition to the year of FreeTime Unlimited on Alexa the Echo Dot Kids Edition also comes with the familiar kid-friendly and colorful case surrounding the unit just like the Fire Kids Edition tablets, as well as a two-year warranty just in case anything goes wrong with the device that could be considered a malfunction. However you can connect the Echo Dot Kids Edition for any mobile device - except for the iPhone X and I imagine not many kids have one of those. Amazon is, however, bringing FreeTime to Alexa via a software update, which is rolling out on the same day when the new Echo Dot Kids Edition starts shipping, as per Android Police.

"Use the online Parent Dashboard to review activity, pause Alexa, and set daily time limits at bedtime or throughout the day", Amazon declared.

Probably not. When it comes to audio, the Echo Dot is pretty weak, and the Kids Edition doesn't appear to be any different in that regard.

There's a new Alexa in town and this time she's aimed at kids.

Those who are new to FreeTime Unlimited can sign up from United States dollars 2.99 per month.

It's worth noting that Echo Dot Kids Edition comes at a premium - it costs $30 more than an Echo Dot, so there has to be a genuine interest in your kid having their own dedicated Echo device.

If you want to give your kid a smart speaker, but are concerned about what he/she might access or hear on a regular Echo model, this is the flawless alternative. Consumers can pre-order the device before it's release on May 9 for $79.99.

Just like other Echo devices, this one too is powered by the second-generation far-field technology that uses four microphones. To me, the issue - whether it's Amazon, Google, Facebook, Disney or any other company - is whether parents are truly in control and whether the company is doing a good job making sure the content is age-appropriate. It also allows parents to set time limits and educational goals and shares tips on how to talk to children about the content they access.

With FreeTime for Alexa, parents can call, message and DropIn on Alexa devices to tell kids when their dinner is ready, the firm said.