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Even back in 2010, VirnetX had reportedly filed a litigation against Apple over violation of its patents.

Including this week's judgment, which was handed down on Tuesday by a federal jury overseeing the case in Eastern Texas District Court, Apple is liable for over $1 billion in penalties owed to VirnetX - constituent with Apple's supposed infringement of at least four of the firm's patents, inherently having to do with its FaceTime, "VPN on Demand" and iMessage protocols. The company is what's known within the industry as a 'patent troll'.

Reports claim that the legal battle between Apple includes many legal suits and a myriad number of appeals.

Incidentally, in the fourth quarter of a year ago, the U.S. District Court had ordered Apple Inc.to pay almost United States dollars 439. The case seemed to have been filed again in 2012 and was won by the patent troll, after which Apple had to pay almost United States dollars 368 million. It isn't the first time a ruling in the case has gone against Apple.

VirnetX is based in Zephyr Cove, Nevada, and it filed its suit in patent troll-friendly East Texas, a district where patent holders have had a higher chance of success in intellectual property cases until the Supreme Court cracked down on the practice a year ago.

In a statement to Bloomberg, VirnetX CEO Kendall Larsen called the damages amount "fair".

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has ruled the patents invalid, which VirnetX is appealing. It doesn't seem certain the company will ever see that $502.6 million payout, though.

VirnetX shares are up 28.1% premarket to $5.25. The Federal Circuit, which handles all patent appeals, declined to put this trial on hold, saying it was so far along that a verdict would come before a final validity decision.