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But trouble drops by in the form of a canister of experimental nerve agent called CRISPR, which falls into his enclosure from an exploding space station, and sends George's growth rate and temper into overdrive.

For a science fiction film, this movie doesn't even list out any reasonable scientific facts that make remote sense.

"Also making sure that there was a winking charm and humour in Rampage that, for me personally, was not in Doom", he told Total Film.

Staring alongside Johnson is the brilliant Naomi Harris as Dr. Kate Caldwell whose anti-cancer experiments were used to create the pathogen responsible for George's abnormal growth and destructive behaviour, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a gunslinging, hip-swinging government agent with more attitude than a John Wayne character, who offers to lend the duo a helping hand as they confront the owners of the multi-billion corporation responsible for creating this havoc. He relishes every sweet, honey-accented line delivery, but he too, is even upstaged, by the SuperCroc, who makes possibly the most memorable entrance of the year. Provided they all don't get eliminated in one go, otherwise the prize is carried over to another game. But Rampage is also exactly what it sold itself as: a big, silly, loud, dumb piece of hyperbolic escapism starring a living cartoon.

A mere fortnight after Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle left British cinemas, here comes Dwayne Johnson again with a similarly hushed and introspective tale about the love between a man and his giant albino gorilla. As greedy, immoral CEO Claire Wyden, Malin Akerman is asked to deliver bad dialogue and scowl, while a mugging Jake Lacy plays her weaselly and equally irredeemable brother Brett. A tale of three normal-sized animals genetically transformed into city-wrecking behemoths, "Rampage" mixes high levels of testosterone with something that can only be called preposterone, and the combination makes for absurdly good entertainment.

So when can we expect to see him, in what seems like is going to be his own anti-hero movie? The rest of the ensemble is rounded out by familiar faces like Joe Manganiello, P.J. Byrne, and Will Yun Lee, but for the most part they serve as little more than glorified extras. Morgan said that he and his wife, Hilarie Burton, brought their 8-year-old son, Gus, to the red carpet premiere of "Rampage". The full schedule of upcoming DC superhero movies can be found here.

He just has that thing, so when he fully devotes himself to an idea, you go, 'Yeah, of course he could save the world!' However, between the lull in April movies and there still being a couple weeks until Avengers: Infinity War arrives, Rampage ought to do the trick for anyone who's in the mood for some enjoyably forgettable blockbuster silliness. "Rampage" comes to theaters almost nine years after Warner Bros. acquired the game as part of its $33-million purchase of bankrupt publisher Midway Games in 2009.

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