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A CT man is accused of robbing a bank and going to Taylor Swift's Rhode Island mansion to throw cash over a fence to impress her, according to police reports.

Rowley, then, drove over to the "End Game" singer's home in Rhode Island and threw wads of cash over her fence.

Rowley was spotted by the state troopers in Rhode Island, which led them on a chase back to CT.

Rowley is charged with second-degree robbery and fourth-degree larceny.

Rowley is said to have repeatedly told police he had a crush on Swift and that he planned to donate money to the police department in hopes of impressing her. That's where he allegedly told police about his plan to impress Swift. He is now being held on bail.

The robbery took place last Wednesday at Webster Bank.

Police pursued the suspect from the home back to CT where he was then arrested and charged for robbery. The pop star herself had no direct connection to either incident.

Taylor Swift could be investing in even more security in the coming weeks. Police say Rowley refused to stop and eventually entered CT.

We all know that loyal Taylor Swift fans will do anything to get the attention of the woman they worship, but the latest fan antics have us pretty darn shocked. You know, because she clearly needs the dough. Law enforcement has yet to verify if Rowley actually went to Taylor's house, but it's clear that was his full intention. In fact, also on Tuesday, there was a report that a transient tried to scale the wall of her Beverly Hills home and was arrested.