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A few months after Ryan Fish was sacked previous year, police began to investigate stories they'd heard of the substitute teacher's unconventional math class at Montville High School - to ask about certain classroom videos officers had obtained.

According to local news reports, Fish supervised fights between students in his classes, allowing them to slap and punch each other. Police learned of the weird situation after four students came forward and revealed what was actually going on when Fish was a substitute. One student has told police Fish also tried to get in good with them by letting them draw pictures of male anatomy on the board and dishing about his past drug use, per the warrant.

Right now districts across Green Country are working to determine what will happen at the end of the school year.

Fish has pleaded not guilty to charges including reckless endangerment and risk of injury to a minor after he was seen in cell phone video amidst his Montville High School students fighting each other, according to The Associated Press.

That's when she spoke up, because "teachers aren't supposed to hit kids", said Kailyn. "I don't think you could even break a window with this bat if you needed to". Teachers who visited the capitol said they pushed lawmakers as hard as they could.

"Our schools are closed today, so I feel like we should be out here, speaking out", said Maria Beltran, an elementary teacher from Oklahoma City, who was waving a sign outside the Capitol, joined by her two daughters. In one video, a student stopped fighting after he began throwing up. One school decided buckets of rocks for kids to throw at a gunman made sense while another explored installing literal bomb shelters in classrooms.

Fish was brought down to the principal's office and his explanation was "boys will be boys".

Teachers at the Millcreek Township School District, in Pennsylvania, received the mini bats after a training day on how to respond to school shootings, reported Erie News Now.

"As much as I love the classroom, as much as I love the students, I want to live a life", she said.

Fish couldn't be reached for contact after his arrest, but reporters interviewed him as he left a courthouse on Thursday, after being arraigned and released on $75,000 bond. At least two separate fights occurring on two different days have been caught on video.

Fish reportedly told police he let the students fight so they could be teenagers and get their energy out.