There's no bigger game in the video game space these days than Fortnite, but for the past 12 hours, fans haven't been able to play it.

Featuring incredibly unique graphics, a one-of-a-kind building system, constant developer supports, and various other attributes, Fortnite shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Fortnite is also adding a new item called Port-A-Fort with this update which gives players to form a Fort in seconds but comes with epic rarity, you can check the full patch notes here.

It suggests that after being denied their favourite game to play, the gamers simply put down their joypads and picked up their - well, you get the idea. If we go by the pictures offered by Epic, the fort will be made of metal and consist of a small tower with a wider platform at the top to launch attacks.

ORIGINAL STORY - Fortnite is back online after a prolonged period of downtime. Like with previous location challenges, the Search Between Three Boats location is much easier for those with knowledge of the game map and world, especially when paying close attention to each little detail. Epic Games is working on a fix and stated that they were taking the servers offline for maintenance but did not state when the servers will be back.

Fortnite servers are live alongside the challenges for Week 8.

We'll let you know when you can expect to jump back in and play Fortnite: Battle Royale. As a result, our login and matchmaking systems are unstable.

From the looks of it, these login issues are being caused by Epic Games' latest v3.5 patch.

"The Fortnite craze has the same viral feeling as games like Angry Birds or Clash of Clans and I wouldn't be surprised to see it in the charts for a very long time to come", says Long.

Epic Games, the studio that makes "Fortnite", has been working non-stop on a fix.