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According to AAA, the most expensive gas price averages in Georgia Monday were in Atlanta ($2.67), Brunswick ($2.66) and Savannah ($2.66), while the least expensive prices were in Augusta-Aiken ($2.54), Catoosa-Dade-Walker ($2.54) and Warner Robins ($2.55).

The average price at a Baton Rouge gas station on Sunday was 19 cents higher than it was on April 15, 2017. According to GasBuddy, prices in Colorado rose a little over six cents in the last week. But that's 26 cents higher than a year ago and would be the highest average summer price in the US since 2014.

February predictions of $4-a-gallon gasoline in California by Memorial Day stalled a bit in March, but prices are climbing again, and not just in California.

In South Carolina, the state average is $2.48, a 5-cent increase on the week. The Crrestview-Fort Walton Beach metro area was highest at $2.80. AAA had the state average slightly higher at $2.64 a gallon, a 6-cents increase from last week. Crude oil prices rose due to the potential of USA sanctions Russian Federation and Iran for their support of Syria.

Even though Syria has not exported oil since civil war broke out in 2011, the country receives fuel deliveries from Iran.

Experts believe that part of the reason for the recent gas price climb is because of the new concerns about tension in the Middle East.

Internationally, prices per barrel of Brent crude - a key worldwide benchmark for oil prices - have risen steadily since July 2017, going from US$46 per barrel to US$69 per barrel in January 2018.

Seasonal factors in the USA also are in play now, said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.

"The seasonal surge at gas pumps is in full motion, causing the most dreaded time of year for fearful motorists, especially of what may still be coming", GasBuddy analyst Patrick DeHaan said. "In the past few years, the average date that gas prices have peaked is mid-May, which is just around the corner, and by all metrics, that could be very close to what we expect this time around". Prices traditionally start their seasonal rise in mid-February as refiners begin maintenance that enables them to transition to producing more expensive summer-blend gasoline. The U.S. Energy Information Administration notes average per gallon prices during the summer holiday period are expected to rise to around US$2.74 per U.S. gallon.