It will be aimed towards India and other emerging markets. According to Economic Times and four leading senior industry executives, this new phone is part of Alphabet's (Google's parent company) plan to have an increased presence in India, where emerging 4G capabilities and technology have bloomed in recent times.

It's important to stress that these Google Pixel 3 concept images aren't an actual rendering from the company itself, rather representing an artist or designer's creative take on what the phone might look like.

So, when can you get your multi-room Google house party underway?

At this point, Google should be well along in development of its third-generation Pixel smartphones: the assumed Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. To try it out, just touch and hold the Home button or say "Ok Google" on eligible smartphones and your personal Google Assistant will be ready to help you throughout your day.

Google, in its study on Pixel phones' sales in India, found that there was very little difference in margin in terms of units sold between online and offline channels.

Months before Assistant smart displays were announced at CES 2018, we heard rumors that Google was working on its own device. Other products that they're thinking of bringing to India include the Pixelbook, their Nest brand's home automation products (doorbell, camera, alarm system, etc), and Google WiFi.

Google's largest competitor is already retailing the original Echo, Echo Plus, and the Echo Dot in the country since previous year. Secondly, under "Account preferences" in the Google Home app, some major music streaming services in India including Saavn and Gaana had been listed.

Details are positively scarce, but supposedly this mid-range Pixel would launch sometime in July or April, ahead of a late-October refresh for the main Pixel lineup. While Google's Assistant is called Google Assistant, Amazon calls its AI Alexa. In the United States, the Google Home Mini sells for $49 (Rs 3,200 approx) and the Google Home sells for $129 (Rs 8,400 approx).

These so-called smart displays would compete with Amazon's Echo Show, and deliver information such as news, weather, and directions on tablet-like devices.