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Swift's take on the '70s track differs substantially from the original, with her voice backed by banjos in a stripped-back, bluegrass version of the song.

See more on Swift in the video below.

"I just listened to the new taylor swift cover of september by earth wind and fire", one user wrote alongside a gif reading, "The line must be drawn HERE!" Swift's rendition nearly feels like a heartbreak ballad than a joyous anthem.

Earth, Wind and Fire's "September" is a classic disco favourite, and now Taylor Swift has given her take on it.

"Delicate is a song about the vulnerability that immediately surfaces in all of us the minute we meet someone we want to like us".

The former Apple Music sweetheart released the cover as a Spotify Singles exclusive.

When Swift's "September" remake hit the internet, the Twitterverse was up in arms over it.

Monique Judge, a columnist for the black culture magazine the Root, also said, "There are certain songs you don't mess with, especially if you don't have the range, and we all know Taylor Swift has all the range of a dial tone". And much to Swifties' surprise and delight, the new songs prove Old Taylor is still very much alive and kickin'.

The other notable adjustment Swift made to the song is a key lyric change.