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It has uncovered evidence of an internal Apple initiative dubbed "Kalamata", which would see a multistage transition from Intel's x86-based chips now used in Apple's desktop and notebook lineups to Apple's custom ARM-based chips.

Along with these attractive new Coffee Lake chips, Intel added a support for Optane memory to both the eighth-generation mobile and desktop chips.

Asus ROG G703 The Asus ROG G703 pairs up the new Intel Core i9-8950HK processor with Nvidia GTX 1080 for unparalleled performance in a gaming laptop. Its base clock speed is 2.9GHz and it has a maximum single-core Turbo Boost speed of 4.8GHz.

All these new "Coffee Lake" processors also support Intel Optane memory, delivering higher performance and responsiveness without compromising storage capacity. New media features, such as 360 degree video content and virtual reality, increase the need for higher performance computers and laptops, Intel said. Once this baby starts making it into actual laptops (likely gaming-oriented beasts, but we wouldn't mind seeing it in Apple's MacBook Pro, for example), it will be a very interesting option for all the power users out there.

We can't say much more than that about how the Core i9-8950HK will scale because Intel continues its execrable policy of refusing to reveal turbo frequencies, claiming that this information is "proprietary to Intel".

Rumors that Intel's first Coffee Lake Core i9 processor would be made for laptops have been around since November previous year.

With today's announcements of H-series, U-series with Iris Plus graphics, and T-series chips, the only thing missing from Intel's eighth-generation lineup is the Y-series, which is the rebranded Core M that means "ultra-low power".

Of course the Core i9 has been around for a while now. Optane is a new technology that Intel unveiled at CES, which is created to boost HHD data speeds.

Excited about the new high-performance Intel mobile CPUs?

Starting with the fun stuff, Intel Core i9 brings the firm's most powerful CPU into the mobile space.

Intel likewise reported Core i5 and Core i7 processors for PCs alongside the Core i9. Furthermore, the Core i9 features a 12 MB cache. Finally, there are new hexa-core Xeon E processors, which are also 45W. In the filing, Intel outlines a method by which it could augment the existing bitcoin mining process, consuming less electricity - thereby spending less money - in the process.