As we all know now, Apple unveiled their new iPad in the recently concluded educational event held in Chicago.

But Apple's feature will reportedly be baked into the iPhone's screen rather than through a separate sensor or via a motion sensor in the phone's border.

Apart from the curved display, Apple is also exploring touch-less gestures for navigation.

Apple's iteration of the software feature is said to be similar to the existing 3D Touch feature which provides additional information when the user hovers their finger over a trigger area. Apparently it will take Apple another two years to put these innovations into a working product. The screen would gradually curve inward from top to bottom.

As stated, both features are in early stages of development and it will be a couple of years before they see the light of day. Apple is likely to use an OLED screen for the aforementioned tech as well as they are more flexible than the regular LCD screen panels.

Apple is working on new features to launch in its upcoming smartphones.

The report specifically cites that Apple is testing an iPhone display capable of detecting gestures from finger movements without actually touching the display. Although the new technology will not be used on the next generation of iPhones (which are rumored to drop this Fall), the company plans to implement the tech in the next few years. While we are all hyped with our new iPhones, today the word comes down that the iPhones of the future may be even more stunning and forward-thinking than we imagined. To stay ahead, Apple needs compelling new features and designs.

The ability to browse and play music stored on your iPhone from an Apple Watch was removed with the release of WatchOS 4 last September.