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Alabama's football team posted a video late last month of "Shop Talk", which features Julio Jones and Nick Saban talking in a barbershop.

Nick Saban does not seem too concerned about any potential legal ramifications he and Alabama may face from LeBron James and "Uninterrupted".

Not quite. LeBron James" media company "Uninterrupted" did a show called "The Shop' previous year that took place in a barber shop and also featured professional athletes.

The first episode of the Tide version was released Wednesday with a promise of new shows every Wednesday. Except for the fact that it very closely mirrors "The Shop", a production of James's Uninterrupted media platform.

"I mean, I think you guys know Nick Saban more than me from a media perspective". I didn't even know he had one. The barber shop is a central point and driving spirit in the community, where people congregate, discuss the issues of the day, share personal conflicts and triumphs and of course, discuss the hot sports topics of the day. "So, the lawyers will figure it out". I'll explain why this is a bad look for Saban and the Crimson Tide and another opportunity for more recruiting wins for UGA.

"I'm sorry that anyone could be offended by something that we were just having fun with".

Well, on Tuesday a reporter asked Saban for his thoughts on the letter from Uninterrupted, and the coach was just as exasperated as you would expect.

Alabama Football should know that James has made a career out of busting his butt harder than most National Basketball Association players. I can't film a scene in a gun range and then claim ownership of gun range videos for the rest of time.