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'He is still working, he's doing as good as he can but we do need him to be supported in the next hour.

On Monday a hospitalized British child at the center of a heated legal battle was granted Italian citizenship, part of an effort to delay shutting off his life-support, and to transfer him to a Roman hospital for additional treatment and medical evaluation.

"We have instructed our lawyers to submit an urgent application to the European Court of Human Rights, and they have done so today".

United Kingdom baby Alfie Evans was removed from his ventilator sometime after 9:00 PM local time, sources on the ground in Liverpool tell LifeSiteNews.

But as they ran towards the main doors a squad of police officers scrambled to block their way, forming a line to repel the intruders.

Alfie Evans has however been breathing on his own for at least 11 hours, his parents Tom Evans and Kate James informed supporters via the Instagram page dedicated to the toddler called "Alfie's army" on Tuesday morning, saying he had been getting water and oxygen "proving these doctors wrong".

Alfie, who has been at the centre of a protracted legal battle, is in a semi-vegetative state and scans of his brain have shown that nearly all of it has been destroyed. No one knows why.

"No-one knows why. But that it has happened and is continuing to happen can not be denied". In another post showing a picture of his son, he said: "This is Alfie now having cuddle time". That is the law in this country. The ECHR ruling has been upheld by the court of appeal judges and Supreme Court justices.

The couple had been hoping to take their son to the Vatican's Bambino Gesu pediatric hospital which agreed to continue Alfie's care, but he had previously been denied that option by United Kingdom courts.

Alfie's parents have lost two rounds of fights.

The Alfie Evans' case will have a High Court hearing later today.

This is contrary to the archdiocese of Liverpool that pledged its support to "doctors and staff" of Alder Hey in an internal memo leaked on April 16, in which an auxiliary bishop said the hospital is acting "in the best interests of Alfie" and describes Alder Hey as "a center of excellence".

The Pope said the Vatican's Secretariat of State would ensure a "decisive diplomatic channel is opened up for Alfie" so that "the dignity of his life is respected".

"I am now here in front of Your Holiness to plea for asylum, our hospitals in the United Kingdom do not want to give disabled children the chance of life and instead the hospitals in the United Kingdom are now assisting death in children".

His parents say they have a hospital in Rome, Italy ready to take him to provide appropriate medical care and treatment that the Children's Hospital is denying and possible treatment that could overcome his neurological disorder.

"It's frivolous to say the least", a source with knowledge told CBN News, referring to the decision by Hayden. But the Children's Hospital refuses to allowAlfie's parents to take him to Italy.

"Humanly speaking, it is and seems incredible. I encourage everyone now to stand together for Alfie". Police remained outside the entrances to the children's hospital throughout the day.