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Talks over the use of California National Guard troops at the border are still ongoing after several reports that the state had rejected the federal government's plan.

The troops in California are under the command of Gov.

The state informed federal officials that the troops would not take part in fixing and repairing vehicles, operating remote-controlled surveillance equipment or radios, or providing "mission support" such as clerical work, according to officials with knowledge of the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity to the Associated Press. However, President Trump could cut the California National Guard's federal funding-or end its federal recognition, meaning California guard members could no longer be part of the USA military, as Capitol Public Radio reported. He said Homeland Security officials are "in continuing dialogue and discussion" with state officials and did not rule out an agreement on an even more circumscribed role for the troops. Brown defiantly declared his troops "will not be used to enforce federal immigration laws".

News of federal troops' limited involvement in border security comes just days after Brown praised President Trump for his efforts in committing troops to the area.

Brown has been the only holdout among border state governors, as Texas, New Mexico and Arizona - all led by Republicans - moved quickly to send personnel.

Nearly immediately, former Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) sent a letter to Governor Brown urging him to ignore President Trump's request.

"Under the federal law Trump invoked in his proclamation calling for National Guard troops, governors who send troops retain command and control over their state's Guard members and the USA government picks up the cost", Military Times reported.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense Recruitment Robert G. Salesses claimed officials needed 237 for service in two aspects of California together "a set of mission responsibility there which California National Guard has signaled they will not work".

The Brown administration said Monday it's waiting for the federal government to sign the Memorandum of Agreement that California submitted last week. "I am deeply troubled by the Trump Administration's plan to militarize the United States-Mexico border and write to urge you to reject requests to deploy the California National Guard to assist in an ill-defined mission to address a nonexistent threat,"de Leon wrote". But he said US agents would not get the military's help at the border - at least for now.

Vitiello later said that now "the Governor has determined that what we've asked for so far is unsupportable", but that they would look toward future iterations of the operation. "It will be an iterative process".

The Trump administration said Monday that California Gov.

Pentagon officials said Monday they are still calculating what the troop deployment will cost.