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The circumstances surrounding his passing haven't been revealed however authorities say no foul play is suspected.

"This city hasn't evolved", Anderson told the New York Times. When he made his first appearance on "Saturday Night Live", he was right off the street. His stage name was Harry the Hat for the fedora he habitually wore.

Anderson kept a relatively low profile in the 21st century, occasionally appearing as a guest star on various TV shows, including a cameo as himself on 30 Rock in 2008.

He was nominated for three consecutive Emmy Awards for his portrayal of the eccentric judge.

Following his role as lovable Judge Stone, Anderson took up the part of columnist Dave Barry in the CBS comedy Dave's World. The show ran for four seasons, from 1993 to 1997, before getting cancelled.

Anderson has said he never sought to be an actor.

Anderson made guest appearances on several TV shows and appeared in several pilots after "Dave's World" ended.

He was also an accomplished magician and even opened a magic shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Anderson also infamously aired his grievances about living in New Orleans following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, with the re-election of Ray Nagin as mayor of New Orleans among them.

Anderson eventually returned to live performance. The interview is in my book Sick In The Head.

Judd Apatow mourned Anderson's death on Twitter Monday, writing, "I interviewed Harry Anderson when I was 15 years old and he was so kind, and frank and hilarious".

J. Elvis Weinstein, a co-founder and star of "Mystery Science Theater 3000", called Anderson "one of the few guys to ever make my "magicians I like" list".

Anderson didn't appear much on TV after Dave's World and nearly became somewhat of an enigma to the public post his successful days on the small screen, instead focusing on his magic, something that was evidently intrinsic to him, more than acting, and it was something he kept up full aplomb to his final days.