And as is the case with all coveted devices, third-party manufacturers come up with accessories that look cooler and tend to offer additional quirks. How serious? Try bricking the device serious.

The biggest named culprit is the Nyko Portable Docking Kit for the Switch, with users seeing an increase in issues after Switch update 5.0.

While Nintendo will fix devices still covered by warranties, the data that was lost in the process can never be recovered.

Sean's incident is not isolated nor does it seem to be happening only with the Nyko kits.

All that said, the Nyko dock - which is smaller and cheaper than Nintendo's own $90 product - has also been known to cause a malfunction in the USB-C port used to charge the Switch.

"[Nyko is] aware of the issue some Portable Docking Kit owners are facing after updating the firmware on their Nintendo Switch to version 5.0".

"Unlicensed products and accessories do not undergo Nintendo's testing and evaluation process", the company told Kotaku in a statement. "The idea is that what we would have created for 3DS will move over to Switch".

In the meantime, the company has released another firmware update (5.0.1) that claims to provide "system stability improvements".

To be clear: We don't know for sure that there's a definite correlation between Nyko's dock specifically and the 5.0 firmware.

For nearly as long as there have been gaming consoles, there have been third-party peripherals to go along with them.

Often these products sell well not because they are cheaper, which they usually are, but because they offer something that you can not get with a licensed product.

Take the Switch's launch price of $299, which somehow got routinely criticised for being too much - despite being exactly the same as the Wii U base unit at launch, and still significantly less than the PS4 or Xbox One launch prices - except critics were comparing a brand new console's price to hardware that's already been out for over three years.

Unfortunately, using third-party equipment does pose some risks as we are seeing here.