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In a statement released on Monday, Governor Fallin defended her offer to teachers, which she described as "the largest teacher pay raise in state history".

Latta was the only Pontotoc County school district that remained closed Tuesday for the strike.

We just found out that a bunch of our teachers have second jobs. "We won't let anyone disinvest in public education, we are here for the long haul", said Alicia Priest to 30,000 people crowd that protested outside the statehouse.

"Oklahoma needs another couple of days to advocate for students."Ada 8th and 9th grade english teacher Katy Peercy said. We feel like there's been an attack on public education, so we were very concerned what would come out of that budget bill". The YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City added more staff and extended hours for its before- and after-school programs.

Galvanized by West Virginia teachers, who went on strike and got a pay raise, educators in Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona are also demanding better conditions for students and themselves. Arizona teachers are now considering a strike over their demands for a 20 percent salary increase. As well, teachers held signs with messages such as "Our students deserve better" and "Public Edu is an investment in our future".

"That takes a lot of courage for a 16-year-old to stand up in a room full of professionals and speak up for our teachers", she said. REUTERS/Nick OxfordTeachers rally outside the state Capitol for the second day of a teacher walkout to demand higher pay and more funding for education in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S., April 3, 2018. Teachers said they felt Republicans, who control both chambers of the statehouse, were trying to wait them out.

"We must be responsible not to neglect other areas of need in the state, such as corrections and health and human services, as we continue to consider additional education funding measures", the Republican said.

The state teachers' union sees it differently.

Teachers say that it is mandatory to restore funding from budget cuts that have obliged some districts to impose four-day school weeks. They say their classroom sizes are too big and that some don't even have enough textbooks for students. She pushed tables against the door and ordered her students to be quiet, to move to another part of the room, and then told them that everything was going to be O.K., that they'd climb out the window if they needed to. "They are not going to fight for their education unless we are their voices", said elementary school teacher Kayla Melton.

Realizing that low wages will make it hard for teachers to pay for the advanced degrees that the field requires, she added, "Parents are telling their sons and daughters, 'Don't become a teacher'".

Levata Mickelson is a Spanish teacher from Yukon, which is located about 17 miles west of Oklahoma City. But she said they shouldn't expect miracles.

"When I retire, will there be someone to replace me?" said Mrs. Mickelson in front of the statehouse.

Kirk Haynes, an Owensboro Public Schools fifth- and sixth-grade gifted and talented teacher, is also a Kentucky Education Association board member who has been working in education for 14 years.

Oklahoma ranked 48th in average US classroom teacher salary in 2016, according to the National Education Association.

Emotions ran high at the state Capitol today as teachers continue the fight for education funding, packing the building to capacity.

Funding for Oklahoma schools has been cut by almost $200 million over the past decade, but it's unclear if lawmakers will restore any of that money this year.

Throughout the day, educators chanted "Fund Our Schools" and crowded inside and outside legislators' offices.

Kentucky teachers are expected to return to classrooms Monday after break, CNN reported, but educators are closely watching what happens next, as the governor expressed some concerns about the pending budget.