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Tollywood actress Sri Reddy on Saturday went topless outside the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce to protest against the existence of "casting couch" in the industry. On Saturday morning, the actress stripped naked in front of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce.

The incident took place in Film Nagar, where the artist removed her clothes and complained of not getting chances in the industry and women being exploited in Tollywood.

For last few days, she had been posting on social media that casting couch was rampant in Tollywood and threatened to name and shame those who were sexually exploiting aspiring actors.

Reddy, in all her despair, said that she could not find any other means to gather the attention of authorities and make her point heard loud and clear. She has been denied membership in the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) but her overture has left many Telugu film directors and producers in a shock. The Jubilee Hills police detained and shifted her to the station. Sri Reddy was unmoved.

"They have asked for live nude videos of mine", Reddy added. What if they don't give her membership even now? While many thought that she's just threatening everyone by saying that she will do a bare protest, but today she did one. "I will undress in public if they fail to give me the membership", she warned.

Besides, giving interviews to several news channels, Sri Reddy also wrote several posts on her official Facebook page alleging unfair treatment to Telugu actors, and the problem of casting couch and sexual exploitation, without naming the perpetrators. And she has also promised that she will only escalate her protest if things don't change soon. Kammula said he lives by his character and dies by it. He said, "She hasn't registered any complaint anywhere". As per ANI's tweet, she has stated that she has not been given a fair chance at work.

Apparently inspired by the Me Too campaign that began in Hollywood and spared across the globe, Sri Reddy vowed to expose the harassment meted out to women in the industry.