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In contrast to the information that users (more or less) willingly share, the vast majority of users have no idea that such data even exists. "If Facebook is truly committed to protecting people's privacy, the company should set an example, by adhering to [the] highest data protection standards for all users".

But when asked whether Facebook would commit to minimizing user data collection as much as possible, he said: "This is a complex issue that deserves more than a one word answer".

The Verge attempted to discount fears about Facebook listening to users through the microphones on their mobile devices, calling it "a myth". Facebook also had my entire phone book, including the number to ring my apartment buzzer. "What is interesting is that the number grows to 18% among people who are said to be very aware of the Cambridge Analytica indicent". I bet he never expected to be in this kind of seat.

Since the data privacy scandal relating to Cambridge Analytica the company had suffered great losses and while the company has not yet regained these losses, the turnaround suggests traders are less anxious about the heavy-handed regulation of tech companies than they were before. As Rep. Lujan was suggesting, it's likely that the Facebook data users are able to view on the platform is likely only the tip of the company's enormous data iceberg.

How long Facebook keeps your data in its system after you have deleted your Facebook account.

The decision came as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the US Congress twice in less than 24 hours, apologising for the data breach scandal involving British political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica.

On Twitter, a former Facebook employee in the ad department, Mr Antonio Garcia Martinez, said Mr Zuckerberg's description of the data's use was incomplete.

"Most of what I found was not at all surprising", he said.

Ranking member Frank Pallone called for regulation."It's time to pass comprehensive legislation to prevent incidents like this in the future", he said.

That's the picture of your kid on a college tour at Harvard even though they'd be lucky to get in to a state school.

Fraser concluded that the 10 companies that got his email address were ad agencies.

In its survey, 39% of respondents said they're now more careful about not only what they post, but what they "Like" and react to on brand pages and within friends' posts. Quite a few of these seemed like the sort of things he ought to have known. "We have to make sure people aren't using it to harm people or spread disinformation", Zuckerberg told the Senators.

Zuckerberg: I do not know off the top of my head.

"Senator, yes. There will always be a version of Facebook that is free".

Fraser said it's not clear if more regulation of social networking is necessary. Zuckerberg was seemingly prepared for questions on a range of issues from Cambridge Analytica to Facebook's default-privacy settings.