KXIP vs KKR Live Score

The match was totally one-sided, however, as Undertaker defeated Cena in just 2:46.

After Charlotte Flair successfully defended the SmackDown Women's Championship and broke Asuka's undefeated streak, a referee was seen sprinting to ringside. He did a song about how Cena sucks and so do the fans in New Orleans. One year after "retiring" leaving his gear in the ring, The Deadman has risen. The fans began chanting for The Undertaker, but Cena exited the ring and started heading back up the ramp as the lights went out. Could Taker interrupt the Main Event or even challenge for the Universal title and make it a three-way?

A stunned Cena then rushed to the back but nothing has yet been confirmed.

The 16-time world champion questioned The Undertaker's courage and stressed that he owed it to the WWE Universe to at least give an answer.

Cena could not get any momentum early on, and was chokeslammed and Tombstoned by Undertaker, who pinned him in less than five minutes.

Cena has been on a mission to find a match at WrestleMania for months, but kept coming up short at every turn.

There's still no word yet on what exactly WWE has planned with The Undertaker as it's been very tight-lipped.

Due to the fact that The Undertaker's first WrestleMania loss occurred four years ago in New Orleans against Brock Lesnar, there was some unfinished business for him at the Superdome.

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