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Google flat out says that his is an April Fool's event, though it's also running from today until the end of the week to give you an extra chance to get your finding fix. Once Waldo is spotted in one location, players are "transported to places all around the world" to start the search again.

Google never stops surprising us on every occasion with their unique and fun creations.

You can now play Where's Wally? Look for the candy-cane-striped dude waving at you from the side of the screen, click him and hit play to get going on a globe-trotting adventure.

For April Fool's Day this year, Google has teamed up with Waldo and will be sharing his location with Google Map users all week long.

What do you think about Where's Waldo getting added to Google Maps?

The new language additions are coming to the mobile and desktop versions of Google Maps on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows OS. From there, users can search for Waldo in his red and white stripes, as well as other characters like Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, and Odlaw, the villainous Waldo-doppelganger. "Find him and his friends as they travel around the world", Google Maps writes on the game. Google Assistant users can also open the app and start the game by asking, "Where's Waldo?". Once you locate Waldo, you can move on the next level.