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The children's accounts of their abuse led authorities to issue a warrant for Allen's arrest.

The children's removal was sparked after a 12-year-old child was reported missing in the area on March 31, the Fairfield Police Department said in a news release.

Jonathan Allen and Ina Rogers in booking mugshots released May 14, 2018, by the Solano County Sheriff's Office.

He is being held in the Solano County Jail in lieu of $1.5 million bail.

"So objects were obviously moved while conducting that search but that was not the basis for the charges regarding the environment the children were in though", Hurlbut said. Since then, investigators say they discovered the children had been tortured for "sadistic purposes".

Two people were arrested after police in California say 10 children were rescued from "horrible" living conditions. During the search, nine more children were found, ranging in age from 4 months to 11 years old. All ten children were taken into protective custody by Solano County Child Welfare Services.

"The children described incidents of intentional abuse resulting in puncture wounds, burns, bruising and injuries consistent with being shot with a pellet gun or a BB gun", Hurlbut said.

Allen faces torture and child cruelty charges. The investigation revealed a long and continuous history of severe physical and emotional abuse of the children.

Rogers said the children slept in one bedroom because they were close; cots were stored in a bedroom closet.

She said she feels she's being judged for having so many children and choosing to home-school them.

"But my husband is an incredible person". Messages left with the Solano County public defender's workplace weren't returned.

The children did not require medical attention when they were removed.

Aleida Quartman, 23, said she was a co-worker of Rogers' at a heart device monitoring company.

"That's why this is absolutely insane", Rogers said of the children's father.

The house has four bedrooms and is located 46 miles northeast of San Francisco.

Court records don't indicate whether the parents have attorneys.

She told ABC: "I strive, I thrive on being a good parent to my children". Three she had before meeting Allen and eight more in the past 10 years. One neighbor, Larry Magney, who lives across the street, said Allen and Rogers moved in about a year ago.

"We're a Christian household and Jonathan has not been raised that manner", she stated.

A horrified Peggy Allen, the mother of Jonathan Allen, said she had talked to Rogers about the dirty condition of the home, saying it was important to keep a clean house.

The parents would wave when leaving the driveway, but he never saw the children in the yard or heard them playing in the backyard pool. "This is absolutely appalling", Ina Rogers said, standing in the doorway of her Fairfield home while giving reporters her reaction to charges she and her husband abused, even tortured, their 10 children.