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It looks like, Microsoft, one of the leading gaming console makers is working on a next-generation gaming console, which has a complete redesign with a newer form factor.

It's likely that this Xbox One accessibility controller will be revealed at E3 next month. It appears to be aimed at those relying more on touch than on sight. Additionally, noted Microsoft insider Jez Corden of WindowsCentral backed it up with a report saying the controller is aimed at delivering a better Xbox experience for players with "accessibility needs".

Sending someone a game gift can be done using Windows 10, any Xbox One, or in a web browser. The controller features two oversized A and B pads, a d-pad and standard Xbox One navigation button controls.

The side of the controllers looks like it has a a USB port and a headphone jack, which you can see below in the closeup image.

Microsoft's game gifting feature was rolled out past year, but it was only limited to the Xbox One users, allowing them to gift games to their friends.

This isn't the first time Microsoft would have designed a controller that works well for gamers with physical limitations. What we can not see in the photo is the existence of the R-L buttons which may be on the top of the gamepad. The design does look a bit odd, but that's because the controller is said to have been designed with accessibility in mind. Unfortunately, I've you've been playing games on PC or Xbox One the Microsoft store hasn't all the videogames on the library to be digitally gifted.