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The other big thing that is coming from this report has to do with the upcoming iOS 12, which is set to arrive later this year. The blog says the 6.5-inch "iPhone X Plus" is roughly the same size as the current iPhone 8 Plus, and offers a few more tidbits of information...

Today, the plot thickened.

The latest beta for iOS 11.4 features a new USB Restricted Mode.

This disables data connections over the iPhone and iPad Lightning port (which provides USB functionality), if the device has not been unlocked successfully within seven days. This should, ideally, prevent data stored on the device from being harvested when plugged into a computer via a USB-to-Lightning cable.

This should nullify the tools like the GreyKey box, typically used by law enforcement agencies to crack iPhones protected by passcodes and biometric security methods. Even the "Trust this computer?" prompt will not be displayed once the device is connected to the computer, and any existing lockdown records (iTunes pairing records) will not be honoured until the user unlocks the device with a passcode. The iOS 12 update is all set to be unveiled on 4th June at the Worldwide Developers Convention (WWDC).

First reported in a blog post from the Elcomsoft security software firm, the new mode means devices can only be charged via USB following that 7 day period.

With the lockdown record file, it is possible to extract iTunes format data backups from the devices that have not been powered down or rebooted.

Elcomsoft tested the new feature and found that after a week of no unlocking, "the Lightning port is only good for charging". The iOS 11.4 update consists of ClassKit Support, which the company introduced with the sixth-generation Apple iPad.