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The secret is that the strings contain thousands of hidden invisible Unicode characters, which churns through CPU cycles as the system attempts to process them.

The WhatsApp that recently affected Android mobile phones has now jumped to iOS devices.

The worst thing is that force quitting or restarting your iPhone doesn't work either as the device just continues to try and open the offending message. Currently, iOS 11.3 and the beta versions of 11.4 are among the victims too. A video shows its existence on the iPhone X. Last year, iOS came in the headlines for a similar bug that triggered with a three symbol rainbow message.

When a user tries to read the malicious text, their phone will be paralyzed with just a white screen. But both the variants are not visible black dot character to cause the units to freeze and crash. This means you can now tap on a Facebook or Instagram video link and it will play inside WhatsApp instead of opening in their respective app.

If you're hit by this issue, CNET has outlined a couple of ways you can fix the issue quickly and easily without doing something silly like wiping your handset.

Mail Online has reached out to Apple for comment. This step is to make sure the black dot isn't the most recent message.

Riding on that trend, a new bug has been found, once again in the iOS Messages app, that can crash the app as well as the whole operating system due to memory handling error.

The problem with messages containing the bug, which reportedly affects iPhones and iPads running on iOS 11 to iOS 11.4, is actually not the black dot itself. This particular bug is been spread by sending this emoji .

How do you remove it? The message consists of a black dot along with a hand pointing towards it. From there you need to backtrack to the main messages list and delete the conversation thread.