KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Every one of them said, 'Hell no, he's going for the money.' I've never asked him this question.

The Celtics acquired Morris from the Pistons this summer in a deal where the team sent out Avery Bradley. "Marcus is big, strong, competitive guy, but you have to guard LeBron as a team". "Obviously he's always confident, but the things that he did, it looked too easy to me". Marcus Morris played in two of those games and did nothing to stop LeBron and the Cavs. No matter how he's playing throughout the course of the game, if there's a loose ball at the end of the game, if there's a 50-50 ball at the end of the game, if there's a charge to be taken at the end of the game or a play to be made, he's going to make it. "I don't know if camaraderie is the right word, but togetherness and being familiar with one another becomes even more important at the end of the day". That's usually how it works.

If that's not enough, there's 21-year-old Brown, who was the second highest scorer (24 points) in Game 5. The Cleveland Cavaliers are averaging 103.5 points on 46.7 percent shooting and allowing 102 points on 47.8 percent shooting.

James and his teammates know they'll have their ears rung as well. The loss of Irving has been noticeable at times, and the Cavs almost didn't make it out of the first round against the Indiana Pacers. Down by two points, the Sixers would have had another opportunity to knot the score or win the game had the traveling been called. "He was getting to different places on the court", said Morris. And there was no help.

There are parts of me that wants to see Boston expose the Cavs for their inadequacies and pick them apart like a scanvanger on a roadkill corpse. With as much respect as we have for IN, obviously, they took us to seven, I think defensively Boston is elite. James, in his first run with the Cavs, lost to the Celtics twice in the playoffs - In 2008 and in 2010, the latter being his final game for Cleveland before joining the Heat. That was with Kyrie Irving still around, and after Cleveland turned their roster inside-out at the trade deadline.

Boston is without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, but James has a ton of respect for the Celtics as an opponent regardless. But Philadelphia had dropped the first three games and were ultimately unable to become the first team to rally from 0-3 down to win an National Basketball Association playoff series.

Morris said: "My size". That's what we'll find out in the coming days. "I think (Terry) Rozier plays with more confidence at home, with the crowd behind him". That means home court advantage against the No. 4-seeded Cavaliers. The force at which he drives is like LeBron.

"Just the history, you look up in the rafters and you see all the greats that has either played there or the previous arena they played in", he said. "Guys like [Joel] Embiid and [Ben] Simmons present unique challenges".

"There are going to be a number of guys who are going to get the responsibility fo guarding him, but, again, Love had an incredible series against Toronto". Well, the dream of having their full complement of players ended five minutes into the season when Hayward suffered a gruesome ankle injury. "We know what we have to focus on". George Hill got healthy and made a big impact.