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It makes sense: Amid all the toil of a 162-game regular season, baseball players spend a whole lot of time on airplanes and in buses and sitting around clubhouses, and - all things considered - playing video games makes for a pretty innocuous and fun way to entertain yourself and blow off some steam.

Granted, it was only a bullpen session, but the Boston lefty is ready to return to the Red Sox rotation Saturday against the Blue Jays in Toronto.

Another interesting element to this story is that Price, one of the Red Sox's best pitchers, missed his start against the New York Yankees this week due to minor carpal tunnel syndrome. There's a lot of teams playing Fortnite. "If I have to shut down my video games and pick up a new hobby, so be it". It seems like Fortnite now is the one everybody is playing, but previous year, I saw a lot of guys playing Federation Internationale de Football Association. That's all I know. He also made it clear that, while his injury had nothing to do with Fortnite, he's going to cut out playing at the ballpark because it's become such a distraction.

As for all the talk that Price's love for video games could be the cause of his Carpal Tunnel, he scoffed at that notion. McCaffrey quoted Price as saying that he and some teammates regularly play the popular game for hours at a time, and adding, "You can lose track of time whenever you're playing it". Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Joel Zumaya infamously got injured during a 2006 playoff run by strumming too hard and too much playing Guitar Hero. He last pitched in the majors four years later at age 26. Early in the year, shortstop Xander Boegarts took a double and did the "L" dance taken from the game, showing just how important Fortnite is to the team.

In 2013 the Tampa Bay Times published a piece - "Rays' David Price affected by allergies" - detailing how the issue might have contributed to his slow start that season.