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The release of the new season also solved one of Fortnite's burning mysteries: A comet had recently appeared in the sky, causing anxiety and debate among players about its meaning. While Tilted Towers survived the impact for the most part, the map is now littered with impact craters and industrial sites that are collecting the shards left behind by the Comet's destruction.

In terms of overall gameplay, the most notable change is the fact that Season 4 take place in the aftermath of the meteor crash which was hinted at during Season 3. I wonder why? If you're struggling to find all of them, we've put together a handy map with all eight locations that you can see below.

Well, sort of. You gain a kind of low gravity power that means you can float about, which has got to be fun. And if you've been paying attention at all the king of the mountain is Fortnite, which skyrocketed in popularity after quickly adding the free Battle Royale mode to Epic's one-time Unreal Engine 4 showcase years in the making.

Nearly as a surprise, Epic Games have now added some of the most requested and meme-iest suggestions.

Some players have already discovered that there is a Omega pickaxe that can be unlocked by completing special Omega challenges.

The much-anticipated meteor shower kicking off Season Four of "Fortnite" has arrived.

For your convenience, we've only included the changes to Battle Royale.

In battle royale, only one team or player can come out on top, so unless you are one of the top players worldwide you are winning less than 8-10% of your matches. The most obvious changes are remodels of the map, with Dusty Depot gone. However, Epic Games ensures that this is not just like any other season by setting it off with a bang, literally.

We're still trying to get through all of the content added to Fortnite season 4, so stay tuned. If the developers aren't dropping a new update usually they will have a new cosmetic item for the week. Season IV, it seems, has an apocalyptic superhero feel - cleverly timed to coincide with the arrival of Avengers: Infinity War.