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We all know that Google always delivers the beta version of its operating systems only to its own devices including Pixel and Nexus smartphones. The more you use your phone, the better the AI understands. The company has told us that they will not offer stock Android P builds after the developer preview is over. It took some getting used to on the iPhone X but after six months, I find it much more seamless to use than a home button.

Android Auto, the in-car option for using smartphone apps on your dashboard, began supporting wireless connectivity last month, allowing owners of any Google Pixel or Nexus device to connect their smartphones to their vehicle without a cable.

Keep in mind that, unlike Apple, Google doesn't really force its user experience on Android phone makers.

Google showed off an updated virtual assistant that can call restaurants, hairdressers and other businesses to check hours and make reservations, holding conversations on a user's behalf.

The Android System notification is present since Android Oreo update, but the icon notification is the new addition with Android P. According to a screenshot shared by Android Police, if an app is found abusing the microphone or camera permission, users will be notified about the same.

Google said that the new "Duplex" is its new AI experiment which will be available in the coming weeks.

To really get the most out of the system, you'll have to use voice commands.

The tech giant wants to bundle its voice assistant into every device and app and is bringing Google Assistant in Google Maps. The cutout options first appeared in the first Android P developer preview but has now changed rather considerably and strangely, adding more options but also removing others. As Google noted earlier, Assistant will eventually be able to book appointments for you over the phone and speak to businesses when you can't.

Can you run Auto wirelessly?

Google's building on that with a new "Wind Down" function that starts by eliminating blue light and then, as your pre-set bedtime approaches, starts to turn the screen to grayscale, which will make using apps like Instagram less tempting. Otherwise you'll still need to swipe up twice.

However, one major drawback of the Google lens feature is that it struggles to identify handwriting and search information that is not always on point or thorough.