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During the first day keynote, Aparna Chennapragada spoke about some new features for Google Maps, where she discussed how the requirements that users have for Google Maps has changed, and much more is needed.

Not everyone has a ideal sense of direction and tired travelers can save themselves a few extra steps by using the overlay to get off on the right foot, and stay headed in the right direction.

In addition to the new features, Google is also working to improve the overall user experience of Google Maps. Users will also be able to long-press on a location to create a list that can be shared with others.

Google Maps will also have a couple of other useful tools.

A less helpful feature is a virtual assistant that Google's Maps team is experimenting with. With this, Google Maps will recommend a spot for you to check out, with an associated match percentage with it. Let's say you love hot dogs.

Perhaps the most useful new feature Google announced at its conference is something the company is calling VPS, or visual positioning system. Besides directions, the mode also helps identify nearby places, so you have a better feel for the neighborhood. You'll be told where the "tastemakers are going" and even get a checklist, letting you track the joints you've visited and the ones you still need to make time to see. Maps will generate lists of Michelin-starred restaurants, for example, or popular brunch spots depending on your context and the time of day.

Match Scores: A "match" score will be displayed for food and drink venues according to how likely you are to enjoy them. As it knows a lot about you, it knows what you might like. And of course, once a decision has been made, you can use Google Maps to secure a reservation and book a ride. With Google Maps, you won't miss a thing. A fully featured Waymo app will be deployed in Phonix Arizona, giving customers with access to a driver-less auto any time they need it. Thanks to machine-learning, the ability to perceive pedestrians, objects and hazards have been improved 100x.