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Faith Rodgers filed a lawsuit in New York City claiming that R. Kelly sexually assaulted her and gave her herpes.

The Bill Cosby treatment is being accorded to R. Kelly more and more these days.

Faith Rodgers says in the suit filed Monday in NY that she met Kelly about a year ago after a concert in San Antonio, Texas. Officials advised her to record a phone call with Kelly on it-in efforts to see if he would admit to giving her the STD.

Rodgers said that Kelly flew her to NY to attend a show and that she "submitted" to sex when he visited her hotel room.

Rodgers said that when she met Kelly, now 51, he had promised to help her start a career in entertainment. She claims R. Kelly would lock her in rooms and cars for hours if she did not please him sexually.

The pair remained in a relationship for about a year but Rodgers says Kelly "routinely engaged in intimidation, mental, verbal and sexual abuse, during and after sexual contact". "Defendant's conduct was created to humiliate, embarrass, intimidate and shame Plaintiff".

Kelly's management team declined to comment Tuesday.

Lifetime will investigate R. Kelly's alleged sexual misconduct and accusations of having a sex cult that involves young women will be investigated through a documentary series on the network.

The campaign has gained traction.

Spotify recently removed his music from their streaming service and several shows have been canceled. Mr. Kelly for 30 years has sung songs about his love and passion for women.

The marriage was annulled after Aaliyah's family became aware of it, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. After the incident, Rogers says she went and got tested for STD's and was told she had been infected with herpes, but had been "disease free" before sex with Kelly.

That case was settled out of court - as was a suit brought in 2001 by former Epic Records intern Tracy Sampson, who claimed she began a sexual relationship with the singer when she was 17.

Due to the other allegations surfacing about R. Kelly, some companies have taken direct action.

At that point, she says she thought it had been established that she didn't want to have sex with him.

Rodgers says a few months later, in May, she was given travel arrangements go to NYC and meet up with Kelly after a concert.