KXIP vs KKR Live Score

So, Golden State held a serious team chat and got it together at last.

If LeBron James was general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving still would be his teammate right now.

"It was a special moment for us". Other than those two players, you won't be able to find any consistent contributors throughout the series, but LeBron put the team on his back in the series finale to get the win.

"And we've done it by appreciating everybody that's a part of that group".

"I think I've missed one or two practices a [year], because when you live in northeast OH and you have four seasons, you will get sick".

And on Thursday, they'll be back at home playing host to Cleveland Cavaliers in their fourth consecutive matchup in the NBA's title series.

Cavs-W's, Act IV is a little bit different, indeed.

Now, with Game 1 of the Finals on deck, the IronPigs have brought that jersey to life and upped their efforts for what Landes called "the biggest campaign we've had", planning an entire night at Lehigh Valley's Coca-Cola Park around bringing the icon to Eastern Pennsylvania.

James never counted out Golden State. "Just because of the 18 of a possible 21 finals games that I've played against them in the last three years, I figured that they could make it happen". That was expected to translate into a second consecutive championship and put them in the conversation as the greatest team in National Basketball Association history.

Yet the way he prepares, there's no doubt in his mind he will be ready when the ball tips.

"So I felt like the odds were against us from the summer", James continued. Or will this finally be the time Golden State puts the hammer down and takes care of business? Since I began using the model to predict outcomes, I have been able to correctly identify the victor in about 70 percent of games. "So everything else is OK".

Once the buzzer sounded and the 101-92 Game 7 win over Houston was official, the Warriors could exhale.

"In recent years we've been kind of having a week off, at most, to prepare for the Finals".

James said he had to improve his own attitude because his outlook was affecting the team. "We've won championships and they've won championships, so they understand what it takes and they knew what it took".

Once that TV went on Monday night, James locked in on this series. His previous high was 100, set in 2010-11, which ended in a Game 6 Finals loss to the Dallas Mavericks in his inaugural campaign with the Miami Heat.

Last month, Kerr became concerned his team's defense wouldn't return to its top form after Golden State struggled late in the regular season and even endured a particularly poor stretch in which the Warriors dropped seven of 10 games. Our main focus and our main objective is to win a championship, so we can't worry about what the outside guys are saying and who's being picked.

The Cavs and Warriors are meeting for the fourth straight year for the right to be crowned National Basketball Association champions while it marks the eighth consecutive Finals appearance for James as part of a stretch that dates back to his stint in Miami.