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U.S. security officials have apologised after a Sikh minister of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Cabinet was asked to remove his turban at a U.S. airport before boarding a flight past year.

Navdeep Bains, the country's minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, described the incident in an interview with the French-language paper La Presse on Thursday.

Following the incident, Foreign Affairs officials spoke with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration.

'But it was because of who I was and that should not be the case.

The politician said he chose to talk of the matter publicly because "discrimination happens with many people, and I'm in a very fortunate position to talk about it".

The security personnel then realized he was a Canadian cabinet minister and allowed him to proceed.

"I'd indicated that I had followed all the security processes and procedures and then, at that moment, when senior airport officials asked for my identification, they came to the realization of my particular position". "Security is important. We cannot compromise on security". "I'm about to embark and you tell me to take off my turban", the minister said.

He told reporters in Toronto on Thursday that he had already made it to the gate while boarding his flight in April, 2017 when he was asked to remove the turban.

While Bains said he accepted the apology, he chose to go public with his story to raise awareness about diversity and inclusion. Being asked to remove the turban was akin to "being asked to take off my clothes", he said. But upon learning of my diplomatic status, they told me that everything is fine. That's not a satisfactory response, ' he said. The canadian Minister accepted the apology, he understands the importance of security, but all you need to know the measure. England added that the agent has since received additional training.

The U-S has since expressed regret and has apologized to Bains.

Ms Negron said that additional security screening may be required of individuals wearing head coverings, and that it applies to all head coverings and does not target any one group.

"The kind of discrimination Canadian Minister Navdeep Bains experienced in a Detroit airport is completely unacceptable", the coalition's legal director, Amrith Kaur, told HuffPost.