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Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams takes her place in history becoming the Democratic nominee in Georgia's gubernatorial election, making her the first Black female major party gubernatorial nominee in US history.

With votes still being tallied, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp largely skipped the celebrations and pivoted directly to talk of a runoff contest that will decide who faces Abrams in November. Abrams' argument about playing to the base and working to turn out minority voters gave the former state House minority leader a commanding win on Tuesday.

Republicans were watching a tight primary runoff testing the endorsement power of Texas Sen.

Susan Wright, a voter in Houston, said she thought "Democrats in Washington really screwed up" by attacking Moser.

Perry said that Abrams has not run from either wing of the Democratic Party - suggesting that a unified Party can win big in regions where the population is diverse in every way - from liberal city dwellers to rural farmers.

Voters also picked nominees in Kentucky, Arkansas and Texas ahead of the November midterms.

In the ballroom of a downtown Atlanta hotel, Abrams thanked supporters and outlined her vision for the future. Former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, another openly gay woman, won her runoff over Andrew White, the son of a former governor. Though he faced a crowded primary field, his real target all along has been Republican Rep.

Jones (a lesbian Filipina who supports Medicare for All) and Allred (a former National Football League player and civil rights leader) both could be considered "establishment" as each was endorsed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) but in the first round of voting they ousted candidates with more establishment credentials and ties (Jay Hulings and Ed Meier, respectively).

TX-23 and TX-32: In the 23rd and 32nd, Gina Oritz Jones and Colin Allred easily won their run-offs.

In a state where the number of white eligible voters is more than twice that of eligible African-Americans, it would seem impossible for a black candidate to win a general election without the support of at least some whites who voted for Trump in 2016. She painted Gray as part of the political establishment, but the DCCC didn'tweigh in for either candidate. The most optimistic among them say she can pull out a win if she does everything perfectly for the next six months. "And, her candidacy highlights how much progress the Democratic Party can make by investing in younger candidates for public office". McGrath responded on Facebook, calling it "an attack against any American citizen who chooses to serve their country in times of war and then come home to continue their service in another way".

"Amy has built a formidable campaign, and voters across the district have responded to her message of leadership and standing up for affordable health care", Luján said. She'll have more time to establish name identification and fundraising she lacked this round due to her late entrance into the race (making her performance impressive). In 2016, Hillary Clinton got more votes than Barack Obama ever did in the state.

"Her basic proposition was: Trying to go after white voters who are inclined to vote Republican is futile", Gillespie said. But Ms. McGrath had a different and plainly more powerful appeal as a political newcomer, and she entered the race with a splashy online video that dramatized her military career and electrified Democratic activists in Kentucky and beyond.

AR-02: State legislator Clarke Tucker will face French Hill in this 42 Clinton, 52 Trump district (the ten point disparity indicates some third-party voters a Democrat might be able to win in a favorable environment).

In recent primaries in Pennsylvania, candidates backed by the Democratic Socialists of America won big in state races.