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Most of the deaths reported are from Kozhikode and Malappuram districts from where 11 deaths have now been reported and 18 are undergoing treatment in various hospitals, including one in Wayanad.

Moosa's sons Muhammed Salih and Muhammed Sabith, and his brother Moideen's wife Mariam were the first victims of the Nipah virus outbreak in the state. Over the course of the next four to seven days, it can lead to seizures and convulsions, suggesting that the brain is getting infected. Since 2004 to 2012 nearly every year this infection has been reported from Bangladesh.

The world's second most populous country suffers hundreds of deaths from infectious diseases every year because of weak disease surveillance and infection control systems, leading health experts to worry about the risks of such outbreaks. Though Ribavirin, an anti-viral molecule, has been found to be effective against Nipah virus, it is not curative.

The virus is most commonly hosted by fruit bats which jumps to humans, while it can also be passed from human to human.

There is no scientific evidence to confirm whether the virus has been transmitted by bats.

How does the infection spread? .

She urged people not to destroy fruit bat colonies, believed to be the cause of the animals coming into contact with humans. Studies have confirmed that bats frequently visit date palm sap trees and lick the toddy that is getting collected in the pot or may even urinate in it. "The bats get stressed and hungry, their immune system gets weaker, their virus load goes up and a lot of virus spills out in their urine and saliva", he explained.

The current understanding of Nipah virus so far is that the virus first attacks the respiratory system, and then spreads to the nervous system and the brain. Infected pigs, bats and humans are the vehicles for the spreading of the deadly infection. It affected domestic animals before humans. Respiratory secretions appear to be source of transmission as this virus is seen in the saliva of the infected patients.

"A few cases of infection by Nipah virus have been reported from Kozhikode district in Kerala.

There is now no vaccine for the disease. The only treatment is supportive care to keep patients comfortable.

It is better to be well informed rather than be anxious. At least 19 persons are under observation and another 30 have been quarantined.

"This is a new situation for us; we have no prior experience in dealing with the Nipah virus", said K.K. Shailaja, health minister of the state, according to Reuters.

How do we protect ourselves from the disease?

Tributes have been pouring in for the nurse from all over social media, who surrendering her own life to fulfill the duty of being a nurse. Not be consumed by any other family member.