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Blizzard has released a pink Mercy skin as a drive for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The BCRF is one of the leading private contributors to breast cancer research, Kaplan said.

This limited-time skin is inspired by the Mercy hero character in Overwatch, who serves the role of healer and field medic in-game. It boasts a four-star rating on Charity Navigator (with an 87.50/100 Financial score and a 100/100 Accountability score) and an A+ Rating on Charity Watch.

Pink Mercy skin is bound by account and platform.

The guaranteed minimum donation to BCRF will be $250,000. The total donation amount will be disclosed following the conclusion of the sales period for the skin.

One of the ways players can show their support is simply purchasing the skin itself, "As a brilliant scientist and the guardian angel of Overwatch, Dr. Angela Ziegler-codename Mercy-has dedicated her life to helping and healing others". These streams will feature prominent influencers and will give players the ability to unlock unique player icons and sprays in Overwatch that will benefit breast cancer research.

The remaining items can be earned by watching a certain number of cumulative hours of any of the 14 participating charity streams. You can check out the full list of charity streams through the Blizzard site.

Special global emotes are available for Twitch chat during the event as well. Be sure to link your Twitch and Blizzard accounts to be eligible for the sprays. Visit the Twitch Connections page to log in and complete the link. Her charming and comfortable qualities make her an incredible support character, but also the ideal candidate for a new charity skin to support breast cancer research.

The Pink Mercy skin can either be purchased in-game or on the Overwatch Shop.