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President Donald Trump is expected to speak at the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Dallas on Friday, a White House official confirmed, marking a return to a group that was one of Trump's earliest and most ardent supporters.

NRAAM is scheduled for May 4-6, with Vice President Mike Pence scheduled to speak on the first night.

That's the rub. The NRA website notes that, because of the appearance of Pence, the Secret Service will be responsible for security at the forum. It's unclear at this time whether Trump will be making official remarks.

The NRA is complying with laws that prohibit firearms from being brought into areas where Secret Service protectees visit, agency spokesman Shawn Holtzclaw told The Washington Post in a statement Sunday.

"It sounds like the NRA wants to protect people who help them sell guns, not kids", Deitsch said. Can someone explain this to me?

"NRA members are excited to hear from Governor Ricketts at the annual Leadership Forum in Dallas".

He had in February invited the NRA to hold its annual meeting in Nebraska.

NRA signs supporting the 2 Amendment are in place outside the convention center, but as the city prepares to welcome for thousands of convention-goers it is also bracing for the protestors that will come along with them.

"All it would take is one angry bear to ruin what otherwise promises to be a really nice gun event", she said. Activists have accused the NRA of hypocrisy for banning guns during the president and vice president's appearance.

Although Trump addressed the NRA at its convention for the past four years, this year's gathering comes amid new calls for stronger gun control laws in the United States after a rash of mass shootings in the country, according to CNN. Am I missing something?

The NRA played a powerful role in Trump's 2016 election, providing critical support in battleground states.