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RAGE 2 sticks to its post-apocalyptic wasteland setting, but finally injects some much-needed color into its palette of grays and browns. Which is something we'd take a grain of salt, given how often big games get delayed these days.

The Rage 2 gameplay trailer captures numerous traits of Avalanche Studios' previous titles with fast-paced action, a large color pallet, vehicular mayhem, plus insane weapons and settings in an open world.

In a blog post accompanying the trailer, Bethesda refers to RAGE 2 as a "shooterverse", blending id Software's acclaimed first-person shooter mechanics with Avalanche Studios' "mastery of the open world sandbox".

Bethesda confirmed the existence of RAGE 2 yesterday, and today we have the debut of gameplay footage.

The publisher also announced that more details on Rage 2 (in addition to a new trailer) will be revealed on Monday, June 11th at the Bethesda's E3 conference. But barring some colossal screw-up in development, Rage 2's gunplay will be incredible.

"You're going to need a way of getting around this huge world, but luckily for you, Rage 2 has a collection of wasteland-ready vehicles". Plus, it isn't the first time the developer has visited the world of Mad Max game since it released a game based on the property back in 2015.

Rage 2 is still set on the ruined and wild remains of Earth and in the time since the original game humanity's numbers continue to dwindle while the bloodthirsty gangs still roam the wastes. The remaining humans form gangs, while the Authority tries to "rule with an iron fist". We're hopeful for Switch support too, but we'll have to wait and see just how graphically demanding gameplay is.

The official Rage 2 website reveals that the game is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In the game you play as Walker, the last Ranger of the Wasteland in the year 2185.

It's good to know that someone is working on a new Rage game considering that the first title was a very exciting project that never really lived up to its full potential.