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Giuliani also said that the way Trump is reimbursing Cohen is by a retainer he pays the latter with "a little profit and a little interest for paying taxes for Michael".

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday evening that Trump's lawyers hope to decide by May 17 whether to agree to a sit-down interview between Trump and Mueller-who already has said he will subpoena the president if the two sides can not reach an agreement. "You take a look at what I said".

Trump has told a confidant that instead of being completely banned, Giuliani should be "benched" if he can not improve his performance in interviews. Giuliani said that since no Trump campaign funds were used for what was a standard nondisclosure agreement by a lawyer for a client there was no violation of that law. "I don't care if they don't have mine, but that's disgraceful". "These are busy people". Giuliani's aggressive defense of the president in recent weeks has pleased Trump, but exasperated White House aides and attorneys.

Trump has in the past said that he was open to speaking with investigators. "He did his job".

By Sunday, the attorney told ABC News he's "not really involved in...the Daniels thing", so, he doesn't know. This was followed by another unexpected statement when Giuliani said that Trump's attorney could have paid off other women too.

Scaramucci hailed the comparison as a "big compliment" but he only lasted 11 days at the White House.

The former Mayor of New York City recently joined the Trump legal team, and immediately made the news when he appeared to confirm in a TV interview that Trump had "funnelled" money through lawyer Michael Cohen to buy the silence of porn star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 presidential election. If so, that could be legally problematic.

Meyers continued through the series of events by discussing when the president was confronted by a reporter about his denial of knowledge about the payment on Air Force One.

But more than a year later, the President was growing increasingly frustrated with his legal team, who had promised him for months that the special counsel's investigation would wrap up soon.

CNN reported that Trump was particularly irked by Giuliani's refusal to rule out that Trump would plead the Fifth in the special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation.

No debt to Cohen is listed on Trump's personal financial disclosure form, which was certified on June 16, 2017. Trump seemed to change his own story to support Giuliani, but has since walked it back again. He has called Daniels' allegations of an affair "false and extortionist".

"Mr. Trump evidently has participated in a felony and there must be serious consequences for his conduct and his lies and deception to the American people", he said.

The "Late Show" host also noticed that Giuliani said they're still working on the facts.

Seth Meyers put it this way when he unpacked Rudy Giuliani's contradicting statements over the past few days: "This burrito is falling apart".

"You wont see daylight between me and the President", he told CNN Thursday.

Cohen had said previously: "Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly".

The president notably does not drink and lost a brother to alcoholism.