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Jablonska-Bajer said four miners were quickly taken to the surface but contact was lost with seven others who were 2,950 feet underground, preparing a new corridor for extraction work.

A 3.42 magnitude-earthquake that struck a coal mine in Poland killed at least one miner; four others are now missing, the CEO of the company which owns the site stated, as quoted by Reuters.

Ozon said the rescuers can see a third miner and have contact with him, but still need to reach him.

Rescuers are working to free another trapped miner, while three others remain missing. Rescuers were able to locate and extract to the surface of the two miners, the third miner with no signs of life detected, although it has not yet risen to the surface, and the fate of four is unknown, informs UKRINFORM correspondent.

A few of the seven had been later observed alive and have been hospitalized.

Another four miners had been rescued unscathed. Seven miners went missing after the strongest ever tremor at the mine.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and President Andrzej Duda travelled to the town, visiting the hospitalized miners and meeting with their families and some of the rescuers.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the accident.

TVN24 said the tremor was also felt on the surface and shook some houses.

The state mining supervisor said the quake was a type that can occur in coal mines deposits are removed. One miner has been killed. Coal mining is a major industry in Poland, and the resource is the main source of energy and heating in the country. So far this year, five miners including Sunday's casualty have been killed at different mines, according to the State Mining Authority. The Main Statistical Office says some 65.8 million metric tons, (58.7 million tonnes), of coal were extracted a year ago, some 4.8 million tons less than in 2016.