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Greenlit before the first installment was even released, "2" picks up right where "Deadpool" left off, with the title character (co-writer/co-producer Ryan Reynolds) slicing and dicing his way through an array of global evildoers in a most brutal and graphic fashion.

No, not his accelerated healing factor - his ability to surprise.

Put it this way, I don't actually read comic books but I love numerous film adaptations (especially Deadpool which was one of my favorite movies of 2016), but after this movie all I knew about Domino (Zazie Beetz) is that her ability is massively heightened luck.

We'll see if Jackman decides to respond to being called a "flesh-covered speedbump", especially after Deadpool 2's estimated $150 million opening weekend.

Josh Brolin has a convincing supporting turn as the time-traveling mutant Cable in "Deadpool 2". A few times I found myself anticipating a punchline during a gut-wrenching moment, or still digesting a sad moment as a silly one came along to interrupt it. But at least the humor is consistent, whereas the emotional moments, including a first-act twist that's created to be shocking, are hollow and empty.

It's just hard to tell, sometimes, which mode we're in at any given time. If you enjoyed the first one, there's every chance you'll like this one as well. Pointing out problems doesn't do much when you just make the same problems.

Since Deadpool is very much R-rated, the assumption has been that X-Force too would be an R-rated superhero team-up film.

The video concludes with Deadpool looking at the team with a pair of binoculars and saying, "What in the Pogba?" and wondering why the team members are not wearing the official Deadpool kneepads.

Deadpool 2 is released in United Kingdom cinemas on May 15. "You can make big choices and apologise for them with one fourth-wall break".

If there is an improvement, it's in the action sequences. Stunt co-ordinator Jonathan Eusebio's gets in on the action too.

"Deadpool 2" is as gruesome and violent as the first, but perhaps the biggest victim is the very concept of superhero movies. "All of the set pieces are three times what you saw in the first one", he says.

While Reynolds did confirm that X-Force doesn't have a completed script yet, he sounds excited for what's to come in Deadpool's corner of the X-Men film universe. Following Wolverine's demise in Logan, Deadpool's focus has now shifted to Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. "You guys pushed me to my own limits, and I thank you for that". "Congrats" with a picture of a note from Stark rejecting Deadpool's request to join the Avengers. Given Disney's buying Fox, the merc with a mouth might just have his day.