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The move came as the coffee giant reviews its policies and works to restore its reputation after the arrest of two black men at a location in Philadelphia back in April, reports CBS2's Janelle Burrell.

Mar Diaz, who graduated from Marietta High School last week and plans to attend Chattahoochee Tech in the fall, was one of the first to try the doors after the store locked up at 2:30 p.m.

"I was just glad it got on film because that's normal".

She said the training and discussion was needed: "We're never as human beings going to be ideal".

"I just started hearing every second woman had a story of abuse or, frankly, rape and I was shocked, you know, that I was hearing all this and suddenly, as Common said, what I'd always called a relationship did a seismic shift in my mind and realized it was sexual abuse". "They're just doing it more, I feel like, to broaden their own customers". "What'd they do?" But US social networks have been rocked by a slew of other recent examples of racial discrimination going viral.

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Fox, who also joined "Good Morning America" for the conversation today, said she chose to tell the story based on her life largely because of recent events. She said the manager, who was Hispanic, solved the issue by remaking the drinks and giving her a store credit for the inconvenience. "They could be open".

The coffee giant says the session is the first step in a long-term process that will integrate further trainings and will take place around the world.

@Starbucks The police were called because these men hadn't ordered anything.

"They've got it taken care of", Mann said. "And one of the things, one of the initiatives, I worked with him on was getting jobs for people in underserved communities", Common said. "They really need to commit".

After a moment of thought, Mann and Harris made a decision to move on to Cool Beans. "I often find myself even at other Starbucks locations where I don't work at, and when I say I'm a partner, they look at me a certain kind of way", she said in a phone interview after her store's training session Tuesday night.

The curriculum, to be made available at a later date, was drawn up in consultation with USA president Barack Obama's former attorney general Eric Holder and civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson, among others.

Starbucks tapped several experts and researchers to help develop the curriculum, including Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and Heather McGhee, president of the public policy organization Demos. It said they will be paid for the full four hours. In the future, training will address "all aspects of bias and experience".

Customer Zio Bala, a native of Italy, said coffee lovers should not have been inconvenienced because of the actions of one employee.

He said he thinks the racial bias training is, "a gesture that is one of good will, one that will ensure that they are trying to do right by their customers". Nordstrom has said it plans to enhance its training after issuing an apology to three black teenagers in Missouri who employees falsely accused of shoplifting.

A manager at the Philadelphia store had told police that Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson, both 23-year-old businessmen, asked to use the bathroom and were sitting inside the store without purchasing anything.

They were arrested by police minutes after they sat down to await a business meeting they had scheduled.

The arrest was recorded by cellphone and triggered protests, boycott threats and debate over racial profiling, or what has been dubbed "retail racism". It proved a major embarrassment for Starbucks, which has long cast itself as a company with a social conscience.