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Santa Fe High School in Texas did both.

Reice Tisdale, Jr., a police detective, was off-duty Friday when he learned about the shooting at Santa Fe High School.

The 17-year-old who killed 10 people last week at his high school in Santa Fe, Texas, was too young to buy a gun, but he didn't have to look far to find one. More than a dozen other people were injured. He said after the shooting that he wanted to use it across the state. When the father asked why he was leaving early, Dimitrios replied, "I'm off, I love you and I'll see you in the afternoon", Pagourtzis told Antenna.

"I only went to grammar school". Somebody probably came and hurt him, and since he was a solid boy, I don't know what could have happened. "I think something's gonna happen".

"I would suspect, based on the fatalities we saw in the school, that this was a shotgun not created to hunt birds but a shotgun designed for self-defense or hunting large game", Chipman said.

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Pagourtzis' attorney, Nick Poehl, told ABC News on Monday that other students told him that his client had been bullied by students and adults at Santa Fe High School.

"Had there been one single entrance possibly for every student, maybe he would have been stopped", Dan said.

Immediately following the shooting, Divin tweeted his "thoughts and prayers" to the victims and their families.

As the horror unfolded, Pagourtzis roamed from classroom to classroom, taunting students and blasting away as they made ill-fated efforts to elude or hide from his barrage of gunfire.

Pagourtzis' family said in a statement it was "saddened and dismayed" by the shooting.

"We did more today than talk", the governor said.

Tripp said she opposes a more stringent safe storage law in Texas, and questioned whether police would even be able to enforce such a measure. "I can't give you that full until the autopsy".

Authorities haven't released further details about how the gunman was able to access the weapons, but in the aftermath of the massacre, people from across the political spectrum have stressed the importance of securing firearms to keep minors and others from getting ahold of them without permission. One was critically wounded. Trochesset referred to the officers as "heroes", noting that the work of the two first responders helped save lives.

The Republican-controlled legislature is out of session until January 2019, making it almost impossible for the state to implement and fund any major changes that come out of this week's three roundtable discussions.

Gov. Greg Abbott convened the session to open discussions on how to end gun violence on school campuses.

The discussions will start in Austin, and Abbott says they will include lawmakers, educators, students, parents, gun-rights advocates and shooting survivors.

Pagourtzis is now being held without bond at the Galveston County Jail on charges of capital murder and aggravated assault on a peace officer. He is just 17 years old, and two major Supreme Court decisions within the last two decades have ruled it unconstitutional to sentence a defendant to death, or impose mandatory life sentences if he or she was under 18 at the time of the crime.