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Authorities believe she was taken by Taheerah Ahmad, her biological mother.

She is accused of stabbing her 11-year-old daughter and setting her house on fire.

The spokesperson reportedly said that Ahmad may be suffering from drug problems and/or mental health issues. A 9-year-old girl was also in the house and was able to get out and run to neighbors.

During the stabbing, the youngest daughter helped the middle daughter, 9, escape and the girl went to a home where their aunt lives, police said.

ABC News reports that police are searching for Hafza Hailey, 7, and her mother Taheerah Ahmad, 39, after the mother is believed to have fled with her youngest child from their north Tulsa home on Monday night.

According to tweets from Tulsa police, the department believes Ahmad took Hafza in a black 2005 Lexus RX300 SUV crossover, which they say might have paper plates. Officials described Hafsa as having puffy hair in a ponytail, wearing an ankle-length peach dress, and painted gold bracelets.

By the time police and firefighters responded, the kitchen of the house where the 11-year-old lay bleeding was on fire, and the fire was spreading.

The injured girl remains in a critical condition in hospital and authorities say she was stabbed so many times they were unable to count the exact number of wounds. Police arrested Ahmad in her Lexus vehicle.

Ahmad had allegedly bound and gagged her three daughters by duct taping their hands and stuffing socks in their mouths.

According to police, the family have listed several places where Ahmad and her daughter may be, ranging from Bixby to Edmond.