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Labour councillors celebrate in Trafford, after Conservatives lost overall control over the council.

Strathclyde University's John Curtice calculated that such a result would produce another hung parliament, but with Labour ahead on 283 seats (up 21) to the Conservatives' 280 (down 38) and with the Liberal Democrats up 10 to 22. Still, the basic framework presented was a choice between support for austerity and war (Tories) and criticisms of militarism and social inequality (Labour).

Adam Langleben, a Labour councillor who lost his seat in Barnet, said allegations of anti-Semitism were the key reason for the party's loss.

"Last year Labour showed the difference we can make in a full national campaign".

Labour achieved a solid set of results in the local elections.We have consolidated and built on the advances we made...

The Labour Party has so far failed to gain control of a single council targeted by Momentum and its Unseat campaign.

The Conservatives now hold 12 seats to The Labour Party's 51, while The Liberal Democrat Party were wiped out of Redbridge's 63-seat chamber altogether.

The split in the vote parallels the levels of social inequality expressed in the child poverty level per electoral ward.

Should the Tories have lost such key citadels of a super-rich clique, May's already precarious existence as party leader would have been sealed.

They took 13 of the 15 seats up for election, with Labour and the Liberal Democrats winning one each.

The near-total collapse of Ukip boosted the Conservatives outside London and other big cities, especially in parts of England which voted heavily for Brexit in the 2016 election. They also won Basildon and Peterborough, which had both also been under no overall control.

The results now mean the Conservatives have 28 seats, Labour have five, the Liberal Democrats two, UKIP one and one Independent.

Cllr Canal was first elected to the council in 2010. Homelessness in the borough now stands at a national high of one in 25 people.

As the final election result was declared in the London borough of Tower Hamlets overnight, Labour sealed their best result in the capital since 1971. In Westminster and Wandsworth, Labour has more seats than at any time since 1986 along with a record number of seats in Croydon, Ealing, Redbridge and Waltham Forest. Labour's vote share there rose by around 5% on 2014. Typical was BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg, whose mantra during the BBC's night-long reporting was that Corbyn had failed.

After losing his seat in West Hendon, Mr Langleben tweeted: "We must NEVER have another election like this".

"No, no, there is much more to come and it's going to get even better", Mr Corbyn told Sky News. It can't be right that anybody feels that the Labour Party is a safe place for anyone who is an anti-Semitic person.

She laughed off a suggestion that she should call a snap general election. An inkling of this was given by anti-Corbyn Labour MP Jess Phillips, who complained, "I see everyone is claiming failure as victory".

Jeremy Corbyn has cancelled a visit to Barnet after the council fell to the Tories amid widespread anger among the area's Jewish population about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. No community group should have their vote dictated by their safety. But too many didn't.

Mr Langleben, a member of the Jewish Labour Movement national executive, said that in both areas the party had paid the price for not dealing with the anti-Semitism issue.